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Our Culture Matters

At INNOPLEX, what you see is what you get!  We are authentic and genuine people who do our best to take care of each person that joins our family.  We have built the company and shaped our culture over the last 15 years by engaging and listening to our workforce...and implementing their suggestions!

We welcome everyone into our family regardless of gender, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, culture, and other ways that individuals identify themselves. We value diversity in our people, their opinions, and ideas because they lead to unique ways of solving problems and challenges. 

We pride ourselves on family and community-focused culture. With our open-door policy, employees are encouraged to stop by and share their opinions, ideas, or concerns with management. 

Our owners, Phil and Chris proactively engage with all of our employees. They meet regularly with off-site employees and give them the opportunity to share their work experiences and accomplishments. Phil and Chris also actively communicate with the engineering staff to increase transparency concerning company activities and new initiatives in the defense, IT, and engineering solutions industry.

Making an Impact in the Community

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Philip Green Assumes Lead of DCO for AFCEA-CMD

In order to give back to the community, our President, Phil Green, is serving as the Lead for the AFCEA CMD Diversity and Communication Outreach (DCO) Committee.  The DCO Committee was formed to assist in realization of several AFCEA CMD goals related to academic support that benefit minority students (Scholarships and Kickstarter programs) and to promote the inclusion, contribution, leadership and professional development of under-represented AFCEANs.

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