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Employee Testimonials

Read what our family is saying about life at INNOPLEX and how our leadership team took care of us through the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 years ago, I made a career decision that would change my life forever.  I work for an amazing company called INNOPLEX.  Over the years, I've seen how the company has been incredibly supportive to all of their employees and families.  This remains true especially now during this unprecedented event (COVID-19). Management provides transparent communications and creative solutions to protect employees.  Watching ownership forfeit their salaries to protect that of their employees speaks volumes about their integrity and commitment to us.  I am incredibly lucky to work for such an amazing team and company.


In a world currently dominated by "professional victims" at all levels along with those looking for political advantage in a crisis, you guys out class any other corporate entity I know of. You talk-the-talk and walk-the-walk. INNOPLEX has surrounded itself with quality like-minded folks, and that is what makes everything work. It is my privilege to be associated with you guys. INNOPLEX is the standard that everyone else should look up to and drive to emulate. Much obliged!


Of course the first time I take a run with a small business, I fall in love with the company's family culture, and the world experiences some bizarre act of God.  I have total faith in INNOPLEX's leadership, and cannot imagine the challenges management is facing to keep the "doors open" while placing job security as top priority. INNOPLEX has created an environment where I love my job for the first time in my life, and clearly everyone else feels the same way.  Thanks again, for literally everything that leadership is doing for us!


Thank you for everything you're doing during this COVID crisis, you both took personal risk in this time of uncertainty to ensure the financial, medical, and emotional health of your employees.  It's been a tremendous fortune and blessing to be able to telecommute for APG contracts.  Thank you to all of the back office folks, who've put tons of time into navigating the "new" normal on our behalf!


I really appreciate the pro-active and positive stance that INNOPLEX has taken during these trying times due to no fault of leadership's own, the company, employees, or government.  By no means am I trying to speak for everyone in the company, but I think their sentiment would be the same.  WE APPRECIATE YOU!!!  I hope you and your families stay healthy and safe.  Hopefully this will pass soon.  All help is greatly appreciated!!


Thank you for all that you're doing, and the sacrifices you're making to help us during this stressful time.  It's very much appreciated!  Please don't forget to take care of yourselves as well!


I've never been employed by a company that puts it all on the line like INNOPLEX has...placing full faith in the leadership's hands has been natural as they have made personal sacrifices to ensure the best of their ability, the job security of our entire workforce...because of Phil and Chris, I don't have to worry if I'll receive pay during this crisis!  

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