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Convergence of Cyber, SIGINT, EW, for Multi-domain Operations

INNOPLEX was a proud supporter of the annual Cyber Electromagnetic Activity (CEMA) Conference held at Aberdeen proving grounds in 2019 and is excited for this year's virtual conference.

In 2019 we were lucky enough to have two of our talented engineers brief attendees on a successful field exercise showcasing that incorporated a breath of capabilities including; Digital Signal Processing of highly complex signals, Software Defined Radio Frameworks, GPU Acceleration of streaming processing using Mitre’s Photon framework, as well as integration of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning signal detection using DeepSig’s ( OmniSig Tool. We also were co-exhibiting with two great partners, Epiq Solutions ( and DeepSig, Inc. These partners allow us to offer our customers leading edge SIGINT and EW hardware components along with proven AI/ML technology for Signal Detection and Identification. When combined with INNOPLEX’s software and system architecture expertise we are able to rapidly design, test, and field high performance computing solutions.

The major topic this year was AI/ML, and it wasn’t just buzz words. There were plenty of real world demos and briefs showcasing use cases in the converged domain of Cyber, SIGINT, and EW. Most AI/ML capabilities were very targeted and INNOPLEX is pursuing deeper IR&D for our customers in this space to develop fully integrated solutions in the next 6 months.

If you’re an engineer or customer looking to develop solutions in this dynamic mission space leveraging the most advanced GPU capabilities from Nvidia, SDR Frameworks like REDHAWK, on secure and ruggedized platforms, INNOPLEX can help.

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