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Memorial Day Remembrance

From Innoplex to All-

Chris and I would like to extend to each and everyone of you our deep and heartfelt gratitude for the work you perform in support of the nation on a daily basis. It‘s easy to forget that freedom isn’t free and the nation’s annual observance of Memorial Day is a testament to that fact. Whether you’ve served in the military or have been in a position to support and protect the nation as a civilian, know that you are a valued contributor to our way of life and the American ideals we always need to aspire to and protect.

I hope each of you has an opportunity to take a minute out of your day today to remember the fallen because without their sacrifice, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy the “fruits” of their sacrifice – That is, our way of life - today. Have a safe Memorial Day!

-Phil Green

President & CEO Innoplex

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