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Mission Focused, Multi-Platform, Framework Agnostic DSP Engineering

Updated: Jun 18, 2021

GNU Radio Waterfall Display

On a daily basis our engineers provide a broad array of innovative solutions to our customers’ most complex problems. Innoplex Digital Signal Processing (DSP) developers are constantly developing new ways to meet operational, size, weight, and power requirements for our mission focused customers within their strict time constraints. These solutions range from a DSP microservice/plugin/container to a system of systems comprised of antennas, receivers, servers, and DSP platforms. DSP applications include custom channelizers, detectors, demodulators, spread spectrum processors, and AI/ML research; DSP platforms include NVIDIA GPUs (, Xilinx FPGAs (, and multi-core general purpose processors. Mature Software Defined Radio (SDR) frameworks aid is rapidly deploying multiple DSP applications in a single system.

Nvidia GPU

Two SDR frameworks commonly leveraged are REDHAWK ( and Photon ( Typically, algorithms are prototyped in Python or MATLAB, then ported to a language appropriate for the selected DSP platform. Lab-based testing often involves ingesting sample streams from a receiver, which include vendors such as, Herrick (, EPIQ ( and Ettus Research ( among a multitude of others. Our teams work in a collaborative DevOps environment using a Continuous Integration (CI) and Continuous Development (CD) pipelines for seamless deployments and upgrades.

If you are interested in joining a collaborative DSP team that is an integral part of a family-oriented company, reach out today: or Explore our Software Development Openings Here.

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