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Women's History Month Exclusive Interview: Liz Williams

March is Women's History Month, and at, we're excited to celebrate and honor the incredible women who are part of the INNOPLEX family. This month, we are shining a spotlight on a couple of our amazing female employees in a series of interviews. We believe that it is important to recognize the contributions and achievements of women in the workplace, and we are proud to have such talented individuals on our team.

At INNOPLEX, we believe that diversity and inclusivity are essential for creating a successful and innovative workplace. By honoring and celebrating the women on our team, we are not only recognizing their individual achievements but also demonstrating our commitment to creating a supportive and welcoming environment for all employees.

Meet Liz Williams!

Role: Systems Integration Engineer

Tenure: 10 Years, 6 Months

Q: How did you first get into this industry?

LW: I'm a legacy. My father was in the Army as a morse intercept officer/cryptanalyst, then started working for the DoD in the late 50s, and my Mom worked as a nurse and occupational health specialist for the DoD as well. Both retired from the Agency after many years of service. Although I was not in the military, I started my career as an Agency civilian as a GG-2 Clerical Assistant and worked my way up in 10 years to a Dataflow Manager/Sys Admin. After an 8 year Stay-At-Home-Mom stint, I came back to support the customer as a contractor.

Q: What’s something you like about being a woman in our industry today?

LW: It's funny, when I started at the Agency there were not many women in leadership roles - there were some, but not many. What I really like is how much things have changed for women. Our opportunities are endless!

Q: Growing up, was there someone in your life that inspired you to become who you are today?

LW: My parents were my inspiration. My Mom was brilliant, strong, and helped everyone she met as a teacher, a mentor and friend. And, my Dad always knew what he wanted to do, set his sights on his goals and worked hard to achieve them.

Q: In your opinion, what qualities make a great female leader?

LW: A great female leader, or any leader, is someone who can help the people they are leading understand the objectives they are trying to achieve, and listen to the people they are leading for their ideas on how things could/should be done. A leader will also not expect more from the people they are leading than they would be willing to do themselves.

Q: What does it mean to you to “empower” women?

LW: We want all women to represent all of us well. And encouraging other women to reach outside of their comfort zone to do more than they might believe they could, and being there to help them if they need it is how I like to empower women... help them be the best that they can be!

Q: Do you have any advice for other women who are interested in or are just starting out in our industry?

LW: My advice would be to accept challenges. Believe in yourself, and your ability to succeed. And, know that the job you are doing is important, whether you are an accountant, or if you're a programmer or analyst... whatever your role, you are a part of the community that makes a difference in the world.

Q: How has your experience as a Woman of INNOPLEX been since you started with the company?

LW: I've known Phil and Chris for years before I started working for INNOPLEX, and was thrilled when they offered me an opportunity to join the company. Phil and Chris don't look at the people who work at INNOPLEX as employees, they look at them as family. They support and encourage the best from all of their employees. As the company has grown they have not lost that way of treating us all.


We are proud to have such strong, talented women as part of our team here at INNOPLEX. We believe that it's important to recognize their achievements and celebrate their success, not just during Women's History Month, but all year round. We are committed to creating a workplace where everyone feels valued and supported, regardless of their gender or background. We hope that by sharing these interviews, we can inspire and empower other women in the workforce.

Happy Women's History Month - to the incredible women here at INNOPLEX and beyond!

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